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CRCA high carbon steel coils

 Cold Rolled Carbon Annealling high carbon steel coils

1MOQ:5 tons(trial)
2No flaw, burr, rust

Product Description

 In selection of a steel for a particular component, the most important question is whether the mechanical properties required can be obtained after suitable heat treatment, in the size and shape at the part in question.


The best properties can be obtained in a steel that has been fully hardened before tempering. Incomplete harening has a harmful effect on some of the properties apecially yield strength & toughness.


· Hardness of steel 140-180Hv

· Poisoning elements P&S less than 0.035%.

· Standard of surface: No flaw, burr, rust

· Packing: Anti-rust paper, corner protected, according to the request.

· Usage/Application:Standard stamping, bow saw, safety toe caps hook material, standard stamping, washer, shoe shank, shoe insole, plastering trowels etc..

· Remark: Hardness, surface, and package so on, which could be customized.

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