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2016 global steel production ranking
2017-03-18 09:46:53

In 2016, Arcelor Mittal is still 90 million 800 thousand tons of crude steel production in the top ranked second is the new Chinese Bao Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, production was 63 million 800 thousand tons, higher ranked third NSSC 18 million 500 thousand tons.

The world's 25 major steel mills crude steel production totaled 6.83 tons, accounting for the world's total crude steel production of 42%, and in 2015 accounted for less than the change of 43%. Asian steel mills still occupy an absolute position, there are 10 finalists in mainland China, India, Japan, South Korea, each of the 2, Taiwan, China, the 1 home. In addition, the United States 2, Luxemburg, Germany, Russia, Brazil and Iran each one.

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