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A proposal to widen the transition zone of intermediate frequency quenching
2017-04-08 14:21:05

How to make the transition zone of medium frequency quenching heat treatment processing broad? A number of shaft diameter of 65 round, the material is 42CrMo, 6mm places more than 50HRC, where 9.3mm is less than 50HRC, and where 10mm is greater than 30HRC, the inductor is the ring sensor, scanning heating, continuous spray cooling, frequency power supply about 2200HZ. Here are some suggestions:

First quenched and tempered, after intermediate frequency quenching; if the amount is not large, the first quenching and local heating annealing.
As long as the power, frequency, scanning speed control, should be able to deal with qualified.
If the hardness is greater than 30HRC, it should be to control the width of the heat affected zone.
The first part is quenched and tempered, even tempered, hardness is 30HRC. It is in the intermediate frequency quenching, hardening layer is in the detection will be less than 30HRC, which is the intermediate frequency quenching in the temperature of the heat affected zone has tempered down hardness.

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