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Basic definition of heat treatment crack
2017-03-11 10:26:23

Basic definition of heat treatment crack

Different heat treatment processes, such as quenching, tempering, cold treatment and so on, have different rules of crack formation. Metal parts because of its blank state (casting and forging, cold rolling etc.) internal defects, chemical composition, shape, size and other factors of the different tendency caused heat treatment crack is different, but from the emergence and development of cracks in the point of view, they have different characteristics.

It should be emphasized that the heat treatment crack is the same as that of the heat treatment process. It is now clear that like any fracture process, crack initiation they contain (or pre-existing microcracks, non-metallic inclusions, cast dendrite, cast iron graphite) and the crack growth process, is due to the different heat treatment crack in crack under internal stress generated by the crack development to a certain extent is caused by fracture, or form a development of cracks on the workpiece. According to the degree of crack propagation, heat treatment crack is divided into two cases. The first is that the crack size reaches the critical crack length, the crack will expand and become unstable.

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