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Home » FAQs » China Ministry of industry to cancel 29 steel industry standard enterprises
China Ministry of industry to cancel 29 steel industry standard enterprises
2017-05-13 10:43:17

 April 24th, the ministry news website said, after publicity, verification and other procedures, and ultimately regulate the steel industry list of enterprises to adjust: to determine the revocation of 29 enterprises and the need for rectification of the list of 40 companies.

For the rectification of the 40 normative enterprises, in order to effectively supervise its lessons learned, rectification in place, the Ministry of reform of the content should also be announced. There are four main cases: first, the environmental law enforcement supervision ordered rectification, the existing problems include excessive discharge, non organization emissions, emergency emission reduction measures are not clear, not required to stop production, emission reduction and so on. Two is the safety supervision of law enforcement order rectification, including the problems of lifting the high temperature of the molten metal crane does not meet the requirements for staff gathering places are provided on the high temperature of the molten metal lifting effect area, fire spacing gas tank and the surrounding buildings do not meet the requirements. Three is the existence of backward equipment, individual enterprises are still behind the sintering machine, equipment has not yet been dismantled in place. Four is because the enterprise does not produce normally for a period of time, environmental protection, safety and other aspects of standardization, production and operation of the foundation is not firm, need to further strengthen management.
To be included in the standard rectification list of enterprises, according to environmental protection, security and other aspects of the rectification requirements, timely rectification in place within the prescribed period; rectification has been put in place of the enterprise, to learn the lesson, continue to maintain good operating norms. Relevant enterprises should take the initiative to timely implementation of the rectification to the provincial industrial departments and the Ministry of industry and information technology feedback. Included in the rectification list is a reminder and warning to the enterprise, is a yellow card warning, once the enterprise appears again in 1 years, notified by the relevant departments rectification, will study directly withdraw its specification list.
Ministry of industry said that the reasons for the withdrawal of five main categories of situations: first, in response to the national capacity call, the initiative to dismantle smelting equipment, quit the steel industry enterprises. The two is eliminated illegal construction state of intermediate frequency furnace equipment, although there have been removed, but the serious violations of laws and regulations and industrial policies, and urge enterprises to draw lessons, such enterprises shall revoke the specification list. Three illegal new steel production capacity, although companies have recognized the error, carried out rectification, but in order to play a warning role, but also cancel the list of such enterprise specifications. Four is the production more than 1 years and has yet to resume production, the enterprise is in serious trouble, unable to keep the basic conditions for the normal production and operation of enterprises must, such enterprises also revoke the specification list. Five is not through the relevant provincial industrial department review, most of which is discontinued for many years, production and operation is not normal, included in the production plan to withdraw from the overall enterprise.
The Ministry said the revocation list specification does not mean these enterprises can not carry out the production of iron and steel business, only that the requirements of these enterprises and standardize the gap, in addition to some companies in response to the national call to take the initiative to withdraw from the iron and steel industry, to the country does not meet the conditions of the steel industry norms of the enterprise as a regulatory focus, strengthen law enforcement supervision. For enterprises that fail to achieve environmental, quality, energy consumption, safety, technology and other policies and regulations, enterprises should use laws, regulations, economic and market measures to promote their exit or transformation. In the event that the rectification has been put in place and the enterprises can continue to regulate production and operation in accordance with the standard requirements, in principle, 12 months after the date of revocation of the announcement, the application for conformity with the standard requirements of the iron and steel industry shall be renewed according to the procedures.
Next, the Ministry will increase the frequency of regulating the dynamics of steel enterprises, once found involved in the case of cancellation and rectification class enterprises, will be announced.

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