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China Steel Association Vice President: China will be the world's largest steel producer in the next 100 years
2017-04-01 09:37:21

 "China will be the largest steel producer in the next 100 years". Held at the end of March the twentieth session of the global iron ore and steel forecast conference, vice president of the iron and Steel Industry Association, Chinese Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Xinchuang China is to look at the iron and steel industry in future.

China's steel production accounted for half of the world has lasted more than 20 years. 1996, China's crude steel output exceeded 1 tons, ranking first in the world. After 20 years of development, as of now, China's crude steel production has more than 8 tons. Contrast 2016 global crude steel production of 16.285 tons, accounting for China's output accounted for more than 50.3%.
Li Xinchuang said that at present, driven by economic development and technological progress, under the support of labor, land, capital and other factors, the global steel industry has turned to china.
Li Xinchuang also said that the global steel industry has entered a new round of the fourth stage of the platform, and will usher in a long adjustment process. China is no exception, is entering a stage of reduction in the development of innovation. 2015, China's steel consumption fell to 6.64 tons, the first decline since 1996. Prior to 2014, China's steel consumption reached a historical peak of 7.02 tons. However, in 2016, China's steel consumption rebounded slightly, reaching 6.73 tons, an increase of 1.3%, is considered to be affected by the automotive, infrastructure and real estate demand pull.
It is worth noting that, although China's steel production volume is huge, but it is widely believed that China's steel industry is not strong, but Li Xinchuang has a different view.
Li Xinchuang mentioned that the steel industry is one of the most competitive categories in China's manufacturing sector, has reached a good product, good price, good size, good service, good brand 5G level. In addition, China has the world's largest and most active domestic steel market, the entire steel industry system and the world's most valuable metallurgical human resources. In addition, in the system, precision, large-scale, green, continuous, automation and other aspects of advanced technology and equipment and system integration thinking. Li Xinchuang believes that the above conditions are China's iron and steel industry has become stronger and stronger laid a solid foundation.
At the same time, the development of China's iron and steel industry, China's iron and steel industry is also an unprecedented capacity to action. Li Xinchuang said, steel overcapacity is global, not unique to China, but not by China, and China has made a prominent example, the world should face challenges together.
According to the February 2016 release of the iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity to achieve the development of the idea of relief, China will be in the next 5 years to resolve the solution of 1-1.5 million tons of steel overcapacity. Prior to the 12th Five-Year period, China has eliminated backward production capacity of 90 million 890 thousand tons of iron, steel production capacity of 94 million 860 thousand tons, respectively, more than 63 million tons of target tasks of 44.3%, 50.6%.
2016, the actual amount of excess capacity of iron and steel production capacity of more than 65 million tons, exceeding the year's target of 45 million tons. 2017, the target will be resolved to 50 million tons.
To capacity at the same time, Li Xinchuang stressed that China's iron and steel enterprises can not ignore the improvement of competitiveness.
Li Xinchuang said, in order to make the steel industry policy should be based on the precise force, environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, quality, safety and tax standards and strict law enforcement, combined with the financial policy differences, focused on solving the problem of fair market; secondly, the structure adjustment of iron and steel industry should seize the key direction, to reduce the development condition of merger and reorganization as an important means to transform technology and capacity matching as the basic requirements for structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the core content, focus on enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises by means of environmental protection industry; thirdly, forced backward production capacity out is regarded as one of the most effective means to capacity, the future Chinese steel industry policy will further implement the new emission permit system with strict emission standards, improve the green low-carbon legal system construction, the use of economic means to promote the steel industry to resolve the excess production In addition, the biggest feature of the market economy is competition, so in the steel to the production capacity, we can not forget to improve competitiveness.

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