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Classification and performance characteristics of steel sheet piles
2017-02-27 10:37:05

 As a new construction of steel sheet pile, has a strong disaster relief function, especially in the flood, landslide, collapse, sand disaster relief, time is short and quick, strong timeliness, not restricted by weather conditions, can simplify the inspection material or system performance of complex procedures, with unique functions and advantage. Steel sheet pile products are divided into:

1, cold-formed steel sheet pile
Non biting mouth (also known as cold-formed steel sheet pile tunnelplane) and bite mouth (cold-formed steel sheet pile is divided into L type, S type, U type, Z type) two.
Production process: the use of a thin plate (commonly used thickness 8mm ~ 14mm) in cold roll forming machine.
Advantages: less investment in the production line, low production cost, flexible product control.
Disadvantages: Pile in different parts of the same thickness, section dimensions cannot be optimized resulting in the increase of the amount of steel, locking part shape is difficult to control, connection buckle is not strict, not easy to produce water, tear the pile in the process of using.
2, hot rolled steel sheet pile
The hot rolled steel sheet piles in the world are mainly U, Z, AS, H, and other major categories of dozens of specifications. At present, Z type and AS type steel sheet pile production, processing and installation process is more complex, mainly in Europe and the United States more applications; domestic mainly for U type steel sheet pile.
Production process: by the high temperature steel rolling forming.
Advantages: size specification, superior performance, reasonable cross section, high quality, locking mouth with tight water tight.
Disadvantages: the technical difficulty is bigger, the production cost is high, the specification series is not flexible.
Two kinds of steel sheet pile can be applied in the loading dock, embankments, retaining walls, breakwaters, diversion dike, dock, sluice, fishing, water wall, Luqiao permanent revetment engineering; excavation, temporary pier, temporary cofferdam revetment, water island and other temporary works: Oil dike, underground oil pipe protection facilities, pile wall, seismic reinforcement of liquid foundation settlement countermeasures, countermeasures for special purposes.

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