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Control measures of hot strip pock
2017-03-03 14:29:46

 In the development of steel tinplate, the process of automobile development, the quality of the strip surface defects of hot rolled category, the reasons are complicated, including surface pitting defects most difficult to control.

In general, pitting defects of the strip tin occurs mainly in aluminum killed steel with low silicon content, such as tin plate, pickling plate, the plate surface defects for roll roll film stripping pressing and three iron oxide defects.
1, roll oxide film peeling control measures
To improve the spalling of roll oxide film, it is necessary to reduce the shear stress and deformation of the work roll. Specifically:
(1) reasonable rolling schedule, driving hot roller should adopt soft thick steel series, specifications, and specifications should be from the wide to narrow transition at the same time, the steel temperature jump should not be too large, otherwise the internal thermal stress is large; cannot arrange baked steel temperature jump 30 DEG C and finishing temperature jump more than 30 DEG C steel rolling.
(2) based on ensuring the coil shape, as far as possible to reduce the amount of pressure before the vehicles, and some of the high surface quality of steel should reduce the rolling mileage.
(3) set a reasonable amount of roller, to ensure a balanced rolling rhythm, set a reasonable rolling temperature. Generally, the strip temperature is controlled below 950 DEG C, which can improve the performance of the roller, reduce the thermal fatigue and improve the stability of the oxide film on the surface of the roll.
(4) to ensure the balanced production in the production process, the instability of the rolling rhythm will result in the increase of the thermal stress in the surface of the roller when it is cold, which will lead to the spalling of the oxide film.
2, the three control methods of iron oxide
Three scale conditions: work roll surface roughness, the strip surface has three scale thick, finishing rolling speed slow.
In order to reduce the volume of hot-rolled plates three iron oxide defects, to ensure the final rolling temperature under the premise, by reducing the rolling temperature, rolling speed, improve forced open the interstand descaling or rack cooling water cooling speed, thereby reducing the three iron skin defects of the strip in the rolling mill. According to the varieties and specifications of steel rolling, temperature setting should be 10 ~ 30 degrees lower than normal steel, wear rate higher than the normal 5% ~ 10%.

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