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Home » FAQs » Effect of alloy elements on Corrosion Behavior of low alloy steel for oil tanker
Effect of alloy elements on Corrosion Behavior of low alloy steel for oil tanker
2017-07-22 14:49:47

 Cargo tank is the main structure of carrying crude oil, and the protection of its bottom plate is the key to prevent crude oil leakage. Traditionally, corrosion protection has been carried out by using "ordinary hull steel + anticorrosive coating", but this method has high maintenance cost and long construction period. The use of "economical type corrosion resistant steel" instead of coating protection has been incorporated into the IMO mandatory standard. Corrosion resistant steels in cargo tanks have become the focus of current research. In cargo tank bottom in strong acidic chloride ion corrosion in the harsh environment (mass fraction of 10% NaCl solution, pH = 0.85), so the new cargo oil tank steel needed in the medium exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Hebei iron and Steel Group scholars using standard test method for constant temperature immersion, the corrosion behavior of 4 kinds of alloy system of hull steel in strong acidic chloride medium was investigated. The effects of alloy elements on the corrosion behavior of steel. The results showed that the corrosion resistance of Cu and Ni steel have a significant effect, with the increase of Cu, the content of Ni, the corrosion resistance of the steel increased gradually, increase the corrosion potential, current density decreased significantly, interfacial charge transfer resistance increases obviously. Cu is to improve the main elements of steel corrosion in strong acidic environment of chloride ion, the main mechanism for the deposition of particles (100 ~ 500nm) in the steel surface, and has high stability, the particle deposition passivation of the steel substrate, reduced the dissolution rate of steel. The presence of Ni elements in steel significantly improves the matrix potential of steel and reduces the corrosion sensitivity of the material, but the enrichment characteristics of Ni elements in the rust layer are not obvious.

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