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Home » FAQs » Explanation and test of machine running accuracy of numerical control cutting machine
Explanation and test of machine running accuracy of numerical control cutting machine
2017-05-13 10:19:19

 Mainly used as thermal cutting CNC cutting machine, provide raw material cutting work for mechanical processing enterprises, with the improvement and development of related technologies in recent years, many users in the purchase of CNC cutting machine in addition to equipment price concerns, but also on the CNC cutting machine precision cutting machine requirements. Then, how much mechanical precision can be achieved after NC cutting? Here we will take Wuhan 100 J BSJ series CNC flame plasma cutting machine as an example, introduce to you. Wuhan Sijie NC Technology Co. Ltd. BSJ series CNC flame plasma cutting machine precision dual-use in the factory need to reach 0.01mm/, precision error was 0.5mm. The reference value is the mechanical operating accuracy of the equipment, and the actual cutting may be affected by the thickness of the steel plate, the cutting process, the cutting nozzle and the time of ignition, etc., and fluctuate slightly. Wuhan Sijie CNC technology limited company for many years engaged in CNC cutting technology research and development, the company of each factory equipment must go through strict quality inspection and test precision, in addition to arrange 48 hours of continuous work on the stability of the test equipment, also has a set of perfect testing methods to control the cutting precision. Here we will brief you on the flow of this test method, which allows users to test themselves after the device is installed. After the equipment is installed, a marking device is arranged on the cutting mouth of the numerical control cutting machine, and a simulated cutting pattern is drawn by a marking device, and the square of the analog figure 1m is arranged. Built in a diameter of 1m round, four corners were diagonal, after the end of the measuring tool to measure whether the circular circle and the square of the four sides tangent. The length of the diagonal of a square is 2 V (square root of the data is about: 1.41M), round the axis should divide the side of the square, and the square axis and two edges intersect on both sides of the intersection point to the square distance should be 0.5m. The cutting accuracy of the device can be determined by testing the distance between the diagonal and the intersection points.

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