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Iran or ban iron ore exports, focusing on expanding steel exports
2017-08-10 14:23:23

 Iran is trying to improve the steel industry chain, from mining to final steel production, and steel exports are creating additional value for the country, said Nematzadeh, Minister of industry, mining and trade in Iran. Therefore, Iran must stop exporting iron ore and focus on increasing the export of steel.

As of March 20, 2017, the last year in Iran, Iran steel exports amounted to 6 million 600 thousand tons, while 2014 Iran annual export volume of only 200 thousand tons. Iran iron concentrate production has increased from 28 million tons three years ago to 46 million tons. With the new pelletizing plant put into operation, the amount of pellets has risen from 21 million tons to 31 million tons, and is expected to reach 45 million tons soon. Direct reduction iron production has also risen to 30 million tons.
A project currently under construction is the exploration of new iron ore resources in the Sangan area. Sangan region has 7 million tons of iron ore production, and it is expected to reach 40 million tons in five years to meet the demand of concentrator in this area. Sangan has the largest area of Iran concentrate plant annual production capacity of 2 million 600 thousand tons, the product supply Mubarak Steel Corp, Steel Corp and Steel Corp of Isfahan Tan Huo minthis.
As of June 21st, the first three months of the year in Iran, Iran slab and billet exports grew by 211% and 5% to 944 thousand tons and 751 thousand tons, respectively, the export of rebar increased by 175% to 187 thousand tons.

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