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Measures to reduce stamping cost
2017-05-20 14:09:35

 The cost of stamping production is mainly composed of mould inspection tool development cost, stamping material cost, die punching cost, equipment depreciation expense and labor cost. From the point of view of process design, reducing material cost and punching cost is an effective method to reduce stamping cost.

1, reduce material purchase costs
Priority should be given to pre validated material and material thickness, avoiding the use of less commonly used or difficult to purchase sheets, such as
Wide sheet material, special thickness sheet material, etc.. In addition, according to the stamping parts performance indicators and process requirements, choose the right material and material thickness, in case the quality of stamping parts is excessive, the cost of materials increases.
2, improve material utilization
To optimize the forming process. Drawing and forming are common stamping forming processes. Because of the increase of process supplement surface, the material utilization ratio of the stamping parts is limited. Some structural parts with simple shape, small surface fluctuation and small features adopt blanking forming technology, and the material utilization will be improved obviously.
The choice of reasonable layout. In the process of the design stage, need to constantly optimize the layout, determine the optimal scheme and improve vehicle utilization rate of materials; in the manufacturing and production stage, re confirmation of the layout, to ensure the optimal scheme to be implemented.
The use of waste. There are usually two alternatives to waste disposal. One is to use large pieces of waste material as small pieces of stock, and the other to produce packages.
3. Reduce the tonnage of press
Reduce the tonnage of the press, thus reduce the punching cost; or in the press equipment procurement, choose larger size work table, in order to reduce the machine tool face mold size requirements.
4, reduce the number of molds
The production process of mold. Die production can not only reduce the process of waste materials, improve material utilization, but also reduce the number of molds, thereby reducing the cost of mold development and stamping costs.
The use of multi station die. Multi station die can realize a number of operations of one or more stamping parts in a die, not only reduces the mold tooling development costs, reduce the transfer time between processes, the most direct advantage is to reduce the cost of stamping punching.
The use of progressive die.
Progressive die technology effectively reduces the number of operators and press requirements, and the production of parts of higher stability, parts
Quality has been effectively guaranteed.
The application of a machine two die stamping process. Some two die stamping, directly or through template connection after the installation of production in large tonnage press, in order to solve the problem of saturation and small tonnage press production of large tonnage press single production waste of resources.

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