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Method for preparing superfine powder of titanium aluminium alloy
2017-04-08 14:18:36

Preparation method of Southwest Jiao Tong University developed a titanium Aluminum Alloy ultrafine powder, the technical scheme is the choice of titanium Aluminum Alloy component standard, bar diameter 3mm and 6mm as raw materials, using pulse EDM machine, the suitable pulse width and interval parameters, in liquid argon were obtained Aluminum Alloy ultrafine titanium a powder processing of titanium Aluminum Alloy bar, and then use the vacuum low temperature drying are Aluminum Alloy ultrafine powder of pure titanium. Titanium aluminum alloy ultrafine powder is widely used in the preparation of titanium alloy powder metallurgy industry.

The preparation method of titanium Aluminum Alloy ultrafine powder, which is characterized in that the titanium Aluminum Alloy bar as the anode and cathode electrodes, the electric spark pulse to obtain ultrafine powder of small diameter and high purity, includes the following steps: 1) Aluminum Alloy titanium bar by oxidation film removed after surface treatment are clamped on the anode electrode and the cathode electrode and the anode electrode and the cathode electrode of Ti, Aluminum Alloy bar regulation of the anode electrode and the cathode electrode which is clamped to the right distance; 2) adding liquid argon until the submerged anode electrode and cathode electrode rod in the heat insulation barrel; 3) open the pulse power supply, to adjust the pulse width 200us, pulse adjustment to 100US, stable working current between the electrodes in the 25A, the working voltage control in 50 ~ 70V of liquid argon spark the bar remains in a position below the liquid level in the liquid argon; discharge is generated between the anode and cathode electrodes, After melting, gasification, and rapidly cooling and quenching in liquid argon, precipitation at the bottom of the heat preservation barrel; 4) taking out the precipitate to be placed in the vacuum freeze drying machine, drying and obtaining the pure titanium aluminum alloy ultrafine powder target ().

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