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Quality & control
2012-05-22 05:39:31

We have highly competent, experienced and enthusiastic engineers who enable to fulfills
the customer’s concerning and expectation of providing the good quality and service
combine the reliable equipment and efficient management system
Each process from the crude material till the end product is accordance with national and international standard including chemical compositions , mechanical properties: hardness, tensile strength, elongation , yield , flatness , tolerance ,edge, polish and tempering color are always controlled strictly. Insure a hardened, tempered, & polished steel designed to meet the most exacting requirements

The spectrum device help to re-check chemical
compositions of  the crude steel material whether
deviate the customer’s requirements

The Durometer is to test the Rockwell hardness.
Our end users general acceptance hardness
scope between 40 HRC and 55 HRC after
finished tempered process

The portable durometer is easy to repeat verification
the hardness of steel strip which is flowing production
especially  efficient with too thin thickness orders

The device is to test tensile strength, elongation analysis
while producing the orders which enhanced soft under
annealed or full  annealed conditions delivery

The digital caliper as a auxiliary micrometer is to repeat
test the narrow width which final edge of steel strip
finished whether to deviate the tolerance allowance

The digital Micro master comparator is to re-check the
thickness of steel strip finial finished whether to
cross the tolerance limited by customers

The standard reference
1.For chemical composition & declination of steel(GB/T222-3-69)
2.Hot-rolled quality carbon steel strip(GB/T710-1991)
3.cold rolled quality carbon steel strip(GB3526-83)
4.Dimension,shape, weight and tolerance for hot&cold-rolled steel strip(GB/T709-2006)
5.stainless steel strip for springs(YB/T5310-2006)
6.Cold -rolled steel strip for heat treatment(YB/T5063-2007)
7.Cold-rolled steel strip for spring & tools(GB3525-83)
8.Cold-rolled steel strip for saw blade(YB/T5062-2007)
9.Cold-rolled heat treatment spring steel for shutter spring(GB3530-83&230.1-2009)

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