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The pattern height of the pattern board is not enough
2017-06-27 14:00:26

Pattern board refers to the surface of the steel plate with patterns, and its beautiful appearance, anti-skid, strengthening performance, saving steel and many other advantages. Generally speaking, the use of the pattern board mechanical properties and mechanical properties of the requirements are not high, so the quality of pattern board mainly for the pattern into flower rate, pattern height, pattern elevation difference.

The pattern height of the pattern board is one of the main indexes to evaluate the quality of the pattern board. This problem can be solved by improving the pattern roller of the engraving process and making a reasonable press down system.
1. Optimize the process technology of pattern roller
1) the roller diameter requirement of the pattern roller used on the pattern board machine is not less than f585mm, and the roller diameter difference needs 1 to 3.0mm, so as to ensure the stable production of the pattern board and reduce the occurrence of the roll breaking accident.
2) the original camber requirement of the lower roll of the pattern roller is -0.1mm.
3) because the strip deviation exists in the rolling process, so as to prevent the strip rolling edge no pattern, pattern will roll length from 1550mm to 1610mm a.
4) the first time on the new moment pattern roller, roller preparation workshop required inspection of the pattern roller and clean up on the surface, does not allow the pattern of roll surface residual metal wire, cracks and peeling defect, the defect is not found. In addition, the pattern roller after the machine to check whether the pattern roller injury, while checking the wear and tear.
5) redesign the technical parameters of pattern roll engraving. Change the original pattern to large pattern. The improved pattern length (30.5 + 0.5) mm, pattern processing width (10.5 + 0.5) mm, pattern processing depth (7.1 + 0.1) mm.
2, formulate reasonable reduction system
1) it is generally necessary to increase the reduction rate of the end mill to ensure the height of the pattern height is high enough. However, the increase of current and rolling force also increases the difficulty of plate shape control, and the production accidents of rolling mill falling down when the current is prolonged for a long time. The reduction rate of the end mill is not increased directly, and the reduction rate is suitable for the control of 15% to 20%.
2) by increasing upstream stand mill load and improve the roughing rolling temperature and finish rolling temperature, rolling speed reduction scheme can increase the per unit time into the metal groove pattern, pattern plate pattern height increased effectively.

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