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The automobile front axle with non quenched and tempered bainitic steel continuous cooling transformation
2017-03-11 10:55:57


Safety is a very important component of automobile front axle of automobile chassis, due to the stress load and bear in the service process of alternating complex, the front axle fatigue fracture is the main failure of the front axle, so the material must have sufficient strength and high toughness. Non quenched and tempered steel is a kind of rolling (or forging) steel and the heat treatment process is integrated to replace the conditioning process. At present, there are three common non quenched and tempered steel, ferrite pearlite steel, bainitic steel, martensite of non quenched and tempered steel.

River Steel Group Steel Research Institute researchers studied a kind of automobile front axle Bainitic Transformation Microstructure of non quenched and tempered steel continuous cooling variation expansion instrument by DIL805L, analyzed the influence of alloy elements and cooling rate on the CCT curve, microstructure and microhardness. The results show that the silicon, manganese, chromium, vanadium and boron into bainitic steel FAS2225 pearlite and bainite transformation curve can be completely separated, bainite structure in a wide range of cooling rate, when the cooling rate is higher than 0.1 DEG /s, can obtain bainite. With the increase of cooling rate, the microhardness of the test steel increases, and when the cooling rate is 0.1 and the temperature of 2 /s, the magnitude of the hardness increases obviously.

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