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The breakthrough of miracle material paves the way for flexible technology
2017-02-27 10:32:36

 Multiple stacking layers (known as heterostructures) of 2D materials create highly efficient optoelectronic devices with ultrafast charge, which can be used in nano circuits and are stronger than those used in conventional circuits. Different 2D materials have been used to create a variety of heterogeneous structures and stacking different combinations of 2D materials to produce new materials with new properties. Dr Wilson, of the University of Warwick's Department of physics, has developed a new technique to measure the electrical properties of the stack in the first place, helping researchers build the best structure to achieve the fastest and most efficient energy transfer.

The technique uses the photoelectric effect to measure the electron momentum in each layer directly, and shows the change of the layers. The ability to understand and quantify how heterogeneous 2D materials work and to create the best semiconductor structure paves the way for the development of efficient nano circuits and smaller, more flexible, and more suitable for wearable gadgets. Solar cells will revolutionize the heterogeneous structure, because the atomic layer allows the use of the smallest amount of photovoltaic materials to achieve strong absorption and efficient conversion.

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