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Three steps of heat treatment
2017-03-11 10:34:26

 Three steps of heat treatment

The quality of heat treatment directly affects the performance and service life of various mould products. Heat treatment is the main means to improve the performance of the product, heat treatment is usually divided into three steps:

1, preliminary heat treatment: preliminary heat treatment: many kinds of cyclic annealing, normalizing, elimination of the chain carbide process and high temperature double heat treatment process, rapid annealing process, and to replace the uniform fine annealing process, rapid annealing process etc..
2, the final heat treatment:
(1) low temperature quenching is lower than the conventional quenching temperature of 50-100 DEG C or lower temperature quenching. The low temperature quenching process is not suitable for easy grinding and upsetting die. Suitable for high speed steel and high alloy steel mold mold.
(2) high temperature quenching is a heat treatment process that is higher than the conventional quenching temperature of 30-80 DEG C. High temperature quenching for 3Cr2W8V, 5CrNiMo, 5CrMnMo and other hot die steel is more suitable, can significantly improve the product life.
(3) heat treatment has been widely used in the heat treatment of mould, and has the advantages of high quality, low energy consumption, no oxidation, no pollution, etc.. The practice shows that it is more advantageous to use the high pressure gas quenching vacuum oil quenching.
3, surface strengthening
Appropriate surface strengthening technology, will be able to better play the material potential, improve the mold life. Heat treatment is mainly based on softening annealing, which can be processed directly after heat treatment, which can avoid the size change caused by heat treatment.

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