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Classification and special features of stainless steel pipe fittings
2017-04-15 09:16:24

 The origin of the name of the stainless steel pipe fittings, is very simple, is made of stainless steel material which includes: stainless steel elbow, stainless steel three, stainless steel four, stainless steel different diameter pipe, stainless steel pipe cap, according to the connection method can be divided into inserting type stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe fittings threaded flange and welding of stainless steel pipe fittings for four bearing.

Stainless steel elbow pipe fitting for the turning point; flange for the pipe and pipe interconnected parts, connected to the pipe end, three stainless steel pipe for three pipe collection; four stainless steel pipe for four pipes together place; for two pipes of different diameters are connected to the local stainless steel different diameter pipe.
Main stainless steel material: 304, 304L, 316|, 316L. Stainless steel pipe is a variety of stainless steel pipe connecting the workpiece collectively, in accordance with the shape, use, connection is divided into different categories. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, high performance, durability, etc., and is widely used in the construction and installation of various pipelines.

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